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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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labor day weekend. the unofficial change of the seasons. college football underway again, and tailgaters out today in full force as local teams are back in action. penn state after paterno. the football team trying to shake off the sandusky scandal and rebuild its image with a team crippled by sanctions. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. we begin with a developing story out of college park. more han two dozen people became sick at university of maryland football game. prince george's county police
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say they were suffering from heat-related illnesses. four of the people had to be taken to the hospital, all expected to be okay. but it was a scorcher of a day for a football game, and the weekend, the rest of the weekend, not really going to get mucht better. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with a look at your labor day weekend forecast. a lot of clouds out there now. >> you betcha, jim. even with a thick blanket of clouds overhead, factor in humidity, heat indexes flirting with 100 degrees even with the cloud cover. that's the reason so up impact at the maryland game. now we have some cooling showers to concern ourselves with as we head into a saturday evening. not a whole lot on radar but where it's raining it's coming down pretty good. northern parts of the west virginia panhandle up near morgan and berkeley counties there. high water on some of the local roadways. be on the lookout. thunder rolling into howard county. couldn't rule out sprinkles he's
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in leesburg and poolsberg. moisture back out to the west. watch out for it for the rest of the weekend. showers scattered about for your saturday evening. don't stray far from the umbrel umbrella. most cases reez enable for tonight. >> see you in a little bit. new information tonight in a murder investigation in prince george's county. just a short time ago police identified the woman found dead in a park in beltsville earlier this week. darcy spencer is live tonight in beltsville with the latest for us. what have you learned? >> reporter: jim, just a few minutes ago i was able to speak with the woman who found that body wednesday morning. she was out here walking her dog when she made that horrible discovery here at beltsville neighborhood park. up see it's a beautiful place. there are some families out here today playing with theirkids, but just a few days ago, there was the discovery of that body, and prince george's county police were really scrambling. they had no idea who this woman
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was, but she a bunch of tattoos and last night police released these pictures of those tattoos in hopes that could help identify this woman, and it did the trick. they were able to figure out who she was after releasing that. her name, ingrid lizet martinez alvarez, 22 years old lived in the 7900 block of riggs road in h hyattsville, five miles from the scene where she was found. about a 15-minute drive. police say she had been killed, and they say she had trauma to her upper body. sources indicate she'd been shot. no arrests made in this case but, again, police now now who she was, because they released photos and got tips from citizens that led to this identification. >> she has alvarez, the name on one wrist. actually has the name gladys on another wrist and martinez on the back of her neck below, on her lower neck. >> reporter: now, last night
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police put out this flier. you can see at the top. offering as 25 $25,000 reward f information in the case. they received citizens tips after putting out the information last night. it's unclear whether anyone will be able to get money pofor callg in a tip that led to this identification nep have the victim identified but still don't another who killed her. darcy spencer, news 4. the wait's finally over for college football fans all across the country, and right here in our area, of course, today kickoff for most teams around the country, including the terps, fans coming out in full force to tailgate and to cheer on the team in their home opener against william & mary. >> beautiful day. sunny. maybe. but a pregame that's a holiday weekend. so it's a good way to kick off the weekend and have a good time. >> we come rain, sun, snow. we're here. >> and howard university started
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its season off today against the morehouse tigers. parking lots at rfk filled up 23569 with f music, fan, fun. good eats. lots of food, of course. >> today i'm excited to show school spirit, because, you know, as a howard university alum, it's always good to come back and i mean, we're not really at howard, but it's an event, the whole howard university family taking over rfk stadium. >> big celebration today from penn state fans as well as the team there hit the field for its first game of the season. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's a new era for the football team. making its debut under coach bill o'brien, more than 80,000 fans packed nittany stadium to watch the lions take on ohio today pap moment of reflection held before the game for all victims of sexual abuse. the widow of former coach joe
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paterno attended the game with her daughter. and new problems tonight in the aftermath of isaac. late this afternoon, new mandatory evacuations were issued in st. tammany parish, that's north of new orleans. a portion of the levee system there is in dang are now of failing. meanwhile, more than 400,000 people are still without power this evening. a lot of homes in hard-hit plaquemines parish are also still under water. back here at home, police in anne arundel county invest gating what throwed a deadly crash late last night in davidsonville. a car slammed into the tree at the the 3600 block. both lifted to a trauma center, but they didn't survive. crash investigators say it looks like the driver lost control on a curb and veered off the road. police are invest gating if speed or alcohol played any role in the crash. mitt romney not wasting any
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time after accepting his party's nomination for president. spoke to a large crowd in ohio, also today in flida. his first stop, a rally in the buckeye state. romney and president obama are neck and neck there. romney told the crowd it's time the country had a winning season. he'll wrap up his campaign tour tonight at rally in jacksonville, florida. president obama also on the campaign trail. he was in iowa today. his 18th stop in it battleground state this year. speaking to a large crowd, he criticized the recent republican national convention calling it a rerun of old ideas. the president will travel to new orleans on monday as his party kicks off its convention in charlotte, north carolina. and news 4 will have complete coverage of the democratic national convention in charlotte. jim vance and tom sherwood both reporting from the convention, it all starts tuesday and they'll have live reports starting tomorrow night right here on news 4 at 11:00. still ahead here tonight, georgetown is watching.
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new security cameras going up on street corners across the neighborhood to try to fight crime. and it's not the police putting them up. metro makes changes to the smart trip card. what you need to know before your next ride.
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another security camera paid for by local residents has been installed in georgetown. this is the latest camera to go up in the neighborhood.
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it's part of a community effort to fight crime. the camera was put up outside martin's tavern on wisconsin avenue. the citizens association of georgetown approved the installation of three more cameras. people who live in the area have a problem with this kind of monitoring, but the citizens association says the individuvi only be turned ober to police if a crime is reported. changes that start today that effect metro 1345r9 tlip cards. if you register online, link it to a credit or debit card. whip this change riders will be required to keep a minimum balance of $1.20 on the card. the card still costs $5, but if you register your new card within five days, metro will give you a $3 rebate. neighborhood staple getting ready to close tsd doors, but in this case, people in the area say, change may be a good thing. plus, pretty hot day today. more rain on the way for the rest of the weekend.
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chuck's back with another check chuck's back with another check of anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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have you noticed big changes along d.c.'s georgia's avenue core doer in the petworth neighborhood. latest part of the improvement area includes closing a store that's been in town since 1963. news 4 talked to residents about why they see it as a good thing for their neighborhood. >> reporter: it's the latest in a series of high-profile changes in the petworth section of
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northwest. this safeway in the 3800 hundred block of georgia avenue, last in the city with the old arch design closing to make way for a new redetail building to be completed in 2014. a bigger safeway on the ground floor and apartments above. it's the kind of change that many in petworth seem to have become comfortable with. >> diversity in the area makes it a little safer. >> the reason we moved here was because of diversity. >> reporter: diversity. in other parts of the city, justification. why the different perception here in petworth? >> nothing's happening by accident. >> the council member attributes a conclusive process issued in the change. >> the community, government, development community working together to make sure we have the type of dwhaechlt we want. >> reporter: while the starbucks plan for inside the new siafewa may mot be welcome by merchants that have been here, a certain thing residents think will be
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preserved. >> i like that the seniors are still represented in the neighborhood in their homes. >> this community is really, it's coming together, and really nice. it's good for everything. the senior citizens and all the businesses here in this area. >> reporter: whatever the attractions, there's one factor that largely determines whether people with families stay or go. in pet worth or any other part of town. a transplant from north virginia. >> that will keep us here, if the schools improve. starting september 10th, safeway opens a temporary pharmacy ablock away from the old store and provide shuttle service to and from the temporary pharmacy on piney branch road. and visitors to the zoo, a grand opening. the american trails exhibit allowing visitors to take a trip to the pacific northwest where you can come face to face with sea lions and seals and the trail also is home to pelican, beavers otters, ravens.
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even a bald eagle. look at that. exhibit took more than five years to finish. cost more than $42 million. oh. what was for lunch? missed it. an otter, it would be fish. >> i guess it was. low are the temperature, 20 degrees or so, like pacific northwest weather here. right? >> everyone wearing a pelt at the zoo is complaining a lot about the 97 yesterday, 95 today. >> pretty comfortable. air conditioning. >> fair enough. yeah, but outside, wow. a lot of cloud cover. eventually you know it's coming, everybody. we'll eventually lead to rain chances across the area. if it hasn't rained much at your place, count yourselves among the lucky ones that got one dry day out of the weeken our friend in the boat out there doing a little fishing. a little swimming around during the late afternoon days. good day to be out on the water today. may not be as cooperative for outdoor weather plans coming up on your sunday, and monday. labor day itself is looking more and more, let's just say, in
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jeopardy. still going to have labor day. you may want to be in the book reading category. 90 degrees still at national airport. a very humid day. dew points in the upper 60s and low 70s across the area. temperatures still 90 here. 90 in manassas and culpepper and fredericksburg. 81 in hagerstown and frederick, maryland and up into the hills of west virginia, rain-cooled 79 in martinsburg, berkeley county, localized very heavy rain over the last couple hours. flash flood warning still up for berkeley and parts of western most morgan county in the panhandle of west virginia. you see that thunderstorm there. pretty much sitting right over the same spot. some locations out here have already seen more than an inch of rain in the last hour or so. so if you're traveling out there to the panhandle of west virginia in the next couple of hour, be on the lookout for that. rumbles of thunder, headed to the interharbor. may get raindrops in downtown annapolis and sprinkles running along the potomac, south of
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leesburg towards poolesville eventually fading out aiming down to the northwest side of the capitol beltway. pretty much area wide, sprinkle can't be ruled out. the motherload of wet weather, out to the west. cloudy, humid, scatters showers and thunderstorms around. temperatures mid to upper 80s. upper 70s by 11:00 p.m. for tomorrow, the nationals and cardinals one more game at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. cloudy, humid, 84 at first pitch and a rain delay more and more likely. if you're headed down to the beaches, shower chances tomorrow, rain likely for monday, and kind of stormy weather on into tuesday as well. so not exactly the weather they were hoping for at the beaches. evening showers for some this evening. the real problem is going to be organizing rains and deep tropical moisture coming our way. overnight cloudy, scattered showers and humid. nothing major tonight. tomorrow, though, the rain chances start to ramp up. rain likely at almost any point during your sunday tomorrow. highs, noticeably cooler.
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about ten degrees cooler tomorrow than today. that helps a little bit and then we stay awfully wet around here. tropical rainstorm isaac brings all the moisture eastbound. look likes it's going to about monday, monday night and tuesday problem and may not got the rain dops out of here until thursday, when we need the rain. >> 7.5 down for the year. >> we technically need it. >> did it have to be on labor day? >> that's the way it always is. >> thanks, chuck. coming up in sports, better late than never for the marylan
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sure doesn't feel like fall out there except for the games played today. true. >> it does. >> taking off. right? you ready for some football? i love that line. sorry. fresh start is the theme for a lot of teams today. so many injuries at crucial positions. the terrapins hardly resembling last year's squad. could be a good thing for a team looking to start anew. today step one in the season opener against william & mary. number 2, head coach randy edsel at the helm, year one for true freshman qb, number 11. second play from scrimmage. hails the pass.
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intercepti interception. the tribe cashes in off the turnover with a field goal and later in the quarter, hills is pressured. gets rid of the ball. goes right to william & mary's thompson. leading to another field goal. three interceptions today. not a great start. william & mary up 6-0 at the half. same xoshgs fourth quarter. third and eight. turns it on. finds dorsey, breaks the tackle, 22-yard gain and the tribe, huge third down conversion for maryland, and two plays later they go to the ground. just to stick it. from six yards out. maryland's first t.d. of the year. they win, 7-6 the final. a more formal affair in charlottesville. richmond spiders. the coach. first year coach danny rocco might sound familiar. his enough phew danny is the
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quarterback. rocco hooks up with darius jennings. the sophomore. look at this feet. going to work. 51-yard score. cavaliers take a 16-0 lead. third quarter, wahoos up 22-6. looking into that, the handoff to kevin parks. in for the touchdown. uva leads richmond, 43-12 late fourth quarter. now, this is a road game like no other. navy opening up their season against the notre dame fighting irish in dublin, ireland. is that fair jp who do you think the locals were rooting for? notre dame up 6-0, late first quarter, george add kissin the 3, going to the races. 293 yards rushing for the irish on this day. they go up 13-0. it is 20-0 in the third quarter. and that is when we find trey miller. taken down, loses the ball. stephon picks it up, and is off.
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look at the big guy. he can go. 77 yards the other way for the touch. a tough start to the season for navy. irish win big in ireland 50-10 the final. after an unprecedented off-season full of sanctionsance transfers and fines stemming from the sex abuse scandal, a new era begins in state college. nittany lions kick off the football season without joe paterno on the sideline for the first time since 1949. to beaver stadium. thunderous cheers as the team comes out of the tunnel giving way to a moment of silence before the game versus ohio. new head coach bill abrian takes the reins and like what's he sees early. first quarter, penn state qb mack fakes the handoff. throws to bill belton in stead. gets into the end zone. happy valley just that. penn state up 7-0. ohio's quarterback tyler tittleton, got a second half comeback in mind here in the third quarter. boom, one of three touchdowns for the bobcats after the break,
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and penn state falls in the opener, 24-14. a couple other local college football scores to mention. west virginia, they win big over marshall. 69-34. right now in the fourth quarter, howard trails morehouse 23-17. baseball, don't look now. the orioles are back to being three games behind the yankees. i really mean that. do not look. because they had them right where they wanted them and couldn't hold on. cut to down to two games last night. middle game today. match irk really, two on for manny machado, second here. sends this one to shallow center. chris davis comes on to score. 2-0 baltimore. the birds would lead 3-0. the yanks tie it, and then in the seventh, they blow it. hardy here cannot field swisher's hard grounder. edouard oh yoon ynunez, scores game-winning run on an error.
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and the game set for tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. nats trail cardinals now. sorry, that's changed in the last minute. they lead the cardinals 9-8 in the sixth. >> nice. >> a lot of reasons to tune in. mike shanahan talks about the big cuts he made yesterday. first time we'll hear from him and find out one. guys he cut, anthony armstrong, has a new team. going to miami. >> a tough job, with the cuts. >> ooh. heartbreaking day. now the season. now the season. >>
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the >> president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts.
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